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June 25, 2020, 09:00 PM

The Art of LIVE Captions: How to up your livestream accessibility game

A presentation by Erin Fryer Content Specialist, William & Mary


“The Art of LIVE Captions - How to up your livestream accessibility game” will cover William & Mary’s journey from getting started with streaming major (and minor) events on YouTube and Facebook Live to our current practice of requiring all streams to be live-captioned - no exceptions. The presentation will include the reasons we implemented this requirement, the research that went in to selecting a service to help us caption our events, and our takeaways from the experiences we have had during the 20+ events we have live-captioned since August 2019.

The presentation will cover: - Why video content - live or not - should be captioned on social media platforms. - How to select the right tool for captioning an event (live and post-production). - How to say “no” to live stream requests that don’t garner the views, reach or engagement to justify this new cost of doing business. - The process behind working with a paid service that is captioning our live events in real-time. - Lessons learned after doing about a dozen captioned livestreams.

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