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June 25, 2020, 07:00 PM

Boost Your Accessibility Compliance and SEO At The Same Time

A presentation by Levi Bloom and Ritu Jayakar Penn State World Campus & Penn State Outreach and Online Education


Learning and implementing accessibility techniques require extra time and budget. If you are struggling to get approval from your supervisors highlighting the SEO benefits of accessibility techniques can help you get the much-needed approval from the decision makers to make your content accessible. This presentation discusses how adopting accessibility principles for content, title, links, images, list and video can help your content to be accessible for assistive technologies and search engines alike. Examples in this presentation are drawn from the redesign project of the Penn State world campus web site for online education.

Learning Objectives -Connection between accessible techniques and Search engine optimization -Implementing SEO friendly accessible best practices -Benefits of adopting accessible techniques

Levi Bloom

16+ years experimenting in SEO

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